Shop Fire

One Thursday evening in the Fall of 2012, our shop burned to the ground.  Paul and Weston were in Colorado on vacation when they got the news.  Evidently, the fire started near an electrical box located near the back of the business around 8pm.  Bill Wells heard several loud explosions, and  then flames quickly spread through out the building.  

Two dozen trucks from the area fire departments responded to the fire.  They battled the blaze for 2 hours before getting it under control.  The next morning, other fire crews returned to the scene to hose down hot spots.

The old shop was 45 years old and contained much history that is now lost in the aftermath of the fire.  Bill Wells saw thousands of great memories go up in smoke.  Perhaps he thought about how his son grew up working with him in the shop, or how his grandson followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps.

There was only one truck lost in the fire.  It was parked inside the shop when everything came down upon it.



We’ve included some images here of the aftermath of the fire.


Here is what was left of our tools after the fire.  


Here’s what happened to one of our car parts.

 But, we got to keep our stapler!  

It’s strange how some things made it through the fire but others didn’t.   


So, we began to rebuild.


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