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After over 40 years of operating his auto repair service, World Class Auto, our friend Dennis Davis has announced his retirement as of March 7th. While he has mixed feelings about closing his facility, we know he is excited to have more time to pursue his other interests. We are honored to have his recommendations and referrals to continue taking care of his customer’s vehicles- some of whom have been with him for decades. Just as we have always striven to take care of our customers honestly and to the best of our ability (just as he has), we hope to do the same for Dennis’s customers and friends. Call us to schedule your appointment today!


It’s been just a little more than a year since the fire destroyed our old shop. We worked in it from the time it was built in 1967 to the time it was incinerated, and it’s been a growing experience to rebuild from the ground up (literally!). We would like to thank our customers for your continued support as we strive to remain your first choice in vehicle repair.

Just uploaded the latest wallpapers for your desktop.  Check out the “Desktop Wallpaper” link at the bottom of our homepage.


We’ve reworded some of the pages and made some changes to the way the website responds to your iPhone.  Notice how easy it is to call us using your iPhone now.


Just updated the latest information on our shop remodel. Check out the pictures of the fire and it’s damage to our old shop.

Information on our HD trucks and directions to our shop have been updated to help you find us quicker.05/27/13
Our Repairs page has be updated to include a handy Complete Service List for your reference.